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1 Chute Machine

Product Technical Features


Leading in the industry

International well-known brand customized lens Import high-end 5120PIXEL CCD Camera High-Speed of scanning, The highest resolution


High-frequency High speed

Ultra high frequency 1200HZ ejectors imported from SMC japan, 10billions cycles service life, high speed response on 0.45 MS, OFF 0.4 MS

CCD Camera PCB

Intelligent Images Processing Algorithm

The combination of true colors and shapes of intelligent algorithm leading role in world. Precise Professional sorting solution. CCD chip Toshiba Japan

Led light

Customized lighting system, import purchasing

Advanced PHILIPS LED customize optical system. Flexible light sources are available to sort different materials. Designated procurement of imported LED lamps, High stability, low temperature, life up to 70000 hours.

Data Transmitter

Human-computer interface & simple and easy to operate

EMBEDDED Microsoft Windows More intelligent easy operation, one button for professional sorting, remote debugging, remote diagnosis, remote software upgrading.

Processor Chip

Innovative ultra high-speed processing

New Generations of ARM+FPGA Processor Ultra High Speed, Made in USA. The CPU is improved 10 times faster realizing the high stability, reliability and high-speed data processing.


Feed Trough, special technology

Application of high-quality 300mm ultra wide U shape special anodization treatment process ensures the required production in line with the international first-class level. Cascading flat plate and narrow chute channel can be outfitted to short a variety of colored Material.

True Color Backgraound

True Color Background

With flexible color mixing technology, 16 million kinds of colors can be realized which can adapt to separation of various materials.

Product Specifications

UCS-4 ULTRA 1912*1574+2090 3.0 5.0-12.0 _> 99.99 _> 15:1
UCS-5 ULTRA 2226*1574*2090 3.0 5.0-12.0 _> 99.99 _> 15:1
UCS-6 ULTRA 2540*1574*2090 3.6 7.0-12.0 _> 99.99 _> 15:1
UCS-7 ULTRA 2854*1574*2090 4.8 8.0-12.0 _> 99.99 _> 15:1
UCS-8 ULTRA 3168*1574*2090 5.2 10.0-12.0 _> 99.99 _> 20:1
UCS-10 ULTRA 3796*1574*2090 6.0 11.0-16.0 _> 99.99 _> 20:1
UCS-12 ULTRA 2560*2788*2090 8.6 12.0-24.0 _> 99.99 _> 20:1
UCS-16 ULTRA 3188*2788*2090 10.0 16.0-32.0 _> 99.99 _> 20:1